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2006 Nano Enviroment - Nano Umwelt - Nano Milieu


Green Nanotechnology

GreenNano initiative to make Green Nanotechnology a reality

BOSTON, Mass, June 27 t h , 2006 – There is much concerns about the policies regarding the Nanotechnology industry as Nanoengineered materials are becoming the fastest growing market segment. T he National Science Foundation estimates that by 2015 nanotechnology will have a $1 trillion impact on the global economy, and employ 2 million workers.

There is no doubt that this research on tiny particles is going to make a big impact -- everywhere -- from lumbricants to cosmetics, energy cells to vitamins. The significant improvements of the Nano-engineered products is gaining awareness, but there are still doubts about the safety of some of these products.

There are also much concerns that the production of these advanced materials may create hazardous waste that our current technology cannot dispose of properly and could do more harm than benefit.

Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars holds a GreenNano series that aims to advance development of clean technologies using nanotechnology, to minimize potential environmental and human health risks associated with the manufacture and use of nanotechnology products, and to encourage replacement of existing products with new nano products that are more environmentally friendly throughout their lifecycle.

Even before the governement legislates guidelines and policies, key nanotechnology companies and researchers are already taking responsibility to ensure that nanotech products are produced in environmentally safe ways and that their risks to humans and the environment are minimized both during the production and consumption .

Many consumers are now looking for products from companies that are environmentally conscious and socially conscious. Manufacturing sustainable products will not only help the environment, it will also gain much of the consumer's confidence to encourage them to use these new products.

“Preserving our environment should be top priority.” Says Rob in Low, CEO of Greenyarn. “Every company needs to minimize pollution and make products that do not harm the environment.”

“Our Eco-fabric socks con tain nano-particles of Bamboo charcoal which are embedded within the yarn.” Says Gary Chiu, Co-founder of Greenyarn. “It is safe and does not wash off unlike some of the fabrics with antibacterial coatings.”

The GreenNano initiative to advance the application of green chemistry and green engineering principles to nanotechnol ogy will make Green Nanotechnology a reality .

About Greenyarn

Greenyarn is a nanotechnology company that develops advanced materials for consumers seeking eco-friendly alternatives to conventional fabrics. Greenyarn is based in Boston, Massachusetts. You can visit Greenyarn's website at www.greenyarn.com . If you are interested in Eco-fabric or Greenyarn products, feel free to contact our CEO, Rob in Low directly at Robin@greenyarn.com .


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