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Boston Nanotech company makes odor control, antibacterial apparel


Boston, Massachusetts, March 14th, 2006 - Greenyarn, a Boston nanotechology company, manufactures "Eco-fabric" - a green material that is antibacterial, deodorizing, and does not generate static. Greenyarn started development of these advanced products in 2004, and now has them available in select stores. 

The environment is one Greenyarn's major concerns. Since 2004, Greenyarn has researched and developed advanced materials that have many benefits and low impact on the environment. One of these materials is "Eco-fabric" - a fabric that contains nano-particles of bamboo charcoal. Eco-fabric products are now available in select stores and online. 

“I bought these socks here (Cambridge Naturals) and they look good and feel good,” says Christine, a resident in Cambridge. “It's definitely the best socks I've ever owned.”

After visits to China and Taiwan, Greenyarn's CEO Robin Low was deeply concerned by the impact on the environment of factories producing low cost, low quality products. "I felt low impact, high quality alternatives should be available, " said Low, "Companies need to be making lower impact goods."

Bamboo is the world's fastest growing plant, and some species can grow as much as 4 feet a day. The bamboo plant matures after 3 to 5 years and is usually grown without the use of fertilizers or pesticides. Bamboo charcoal is used to purify drinking water and indoor pollutants. Eco-fabric products were developed to harness these benefits. 

Eco-fabric products are antibacterial, deodorizing, breathable, thermal regulating, washable and do not generate static electricity. All the benefits of Eco-fabric come directly from the bamboo charcoal embedded in the yarn and not from harmful chemicals or additives.  

Greenyarn has extensively tested its products in the real world with volunteers. Athletes and professionals from many walks of life for example, have been testing Greenyarn's sock products. Greenyarn 's socks use 200 needle count, dense knitting which gives them sustained cushion even after prolonged use. With Eco-fabric, Greenyarn's trademarked material, these socks are also anti-bacterial and de-odorizing. 

Greenyarn does not use dyes in its fabrics, and only uses recycled and recyclable packaging materials. Greenyarn hopes to inspire all customers and vendors alike to be more concerned about the environment. In the near future, Greenyarn will be starting the Greenyarn Foundation to provide Eco-fabric products to those less fortunate, and promote conservation.

"It is always rewarding to give back to the community." Says Robin Low, "And every little bit that reduces pollution, goes a long way for our future."   About Greenyarn

Greenyarn is a nanotechnology company that develops advanced materials for consumers seeking eco-friendly alternatives to conventional fabrics. Greenyarn is based in Boston, Massachusetts. You can visit Greenyarn's website at www.greenyarn.com . If you are interested in Eco-fabric or Greenyarn products, feel free to contact our CEO, Robin Low directly at robin@greenyarn.com .


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