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Clean Surfaces and Eliminate Pests with Nano Green

Article by Arya Kumar, NanoInvestorNews


Nano Green, a small company in Florida, has an interesting technology that cleans so well that it can be used as a replacement pesticide. Their eponymous proprietary technology Nano Green, incorporating the important themes of nano-scale technology and environmental safety, is getting great testimonials from customers all over the world.

When I say Nanotechnology, the concept of a technology without application comes to mind for many people. However, when I toured Nano Green recently, there seemed to be a long list of potential applications for their interesting and proprietary nano-scale technology including agriculture, food processing, animal care, health care, industrial cleaning, Jan/San (janitorial and sanitation), and bioremediation. Their current facility is an R & D center, where products are being both developed and produced. The technology is centered around a breakthrough in colloidal chemistry. The “juice”, as they call it, is made from FDA approved farm-grown, renewable food stocks, and remarkably is of 2-4 nanometer particle size. The first product was delivered to customers in 1997.

One example of an application that is relevant to today's agriculture is rice blast infection which destroys 20-30% of the world's rice crop annually. There is currently no good treatment for it. Nano Green was put to the test and at the University of Georgia, several dilutions were run to see which effective dilution eliminated rice blast from samples that were already infected. The picture below shows the effective concentration at 1:300 with a significant elimination of the infection. The original sample was similar to the 'none' petri dish.

Alvin Bojar, spokesman for the company, took the time to answer some of my questions related to Nano Green and their nanobusiness.

Tell us about Nano Green.

The core of Nano Green's revolutionary technology is based upon new developments in colloidal chemistry. The resulting product is a soap/cleaner of truly remarkable qualities. The original chemistry took over eight years to develop by a team of advanced degree chemists and biological scientists. Since then, a number of major changes have been incorporated into the basic proprietary formula, which has greatly improved its capabilities. As new formulas are developed, they are sent out to universities, government agencies, scientists and agriculturalists for testing and confirmation. We are currently working in association with over 25 scientific collaborators worldwide.

Can you describe your technology to us?

Nano Green's technology is predicated upon a colloidal chemistry that is formulated using bio-based ingredients in a proprietary process. The chemical reaction alters the particular qualities of each chemical ingredient, resulting in the formation of a new particle, termed a colloidal micelle. This micelle is on the order of 2-4 nm in size and has a uniform size distribution. The colloidal chemistry is based more on hydrophobicity than charged interactions. Thus we make use of the attraction of hydrophobic poles to form micelles. The hydrophilic poles form a tough outer surface.

Can you explain Nano Green and conceptually how it works?

Nano Green is the result or transformation achieved from a blending of a number of bio-based chemicals, which must be mixed in a certain manner, order and temperature. The result is a colloidal liquid, which under electronic microscopy reveals that, in the process of blending, the molecular constituents of the soap apparently emerge as particles measuring some 2-4 nanometers in size. These numbers confirm that Nano Green is in the forefront of nano-scale chemistry with a cleaner that far exceeds the cleaning ability of any other product, or a soap that can far outperform any pesticides, fungicides or bactericides presently being offered by the world's largest chemical companies for use in agriculture.

There are a number of Nano Green formulations that we use, depending upon the ultimate result we wish to obtain. It is extremely potent against soft bodied insects, as well as hydrocarbons, yet is also effective against many bacterial borne diseases.

Could you explain the process by which Nano Green works?

When a Nano Green micelle comes in contact with a hydrocarbon molecule, the center of the micelle bonds to a similar hydrophobic hydrocarbon. This disrupts the attraction to the other hydrocarbon molecules and/or to the surface. The action of a single micelle is multiplied by billions of other nano-scale micelles. The molecular emulsification process penetrates highly viscous and sticky materials, lifting them from the surface to which they are adhered. Since Nano Green is presently emphasizing its potential for use in agriculture, the following should help you understand its mode of attack:

There are several means of action by which this nanocide kills pests, such as small body insects, bacteria, and fungus. It can dehydrate an insect by destroying its protective waxy coating, which is made of organic molecules and it can de-wax joints in pests leading to paralysis. It can also interfere with growth hormones involved in metamorphosis in insects. Basically, it kills insect intruders by suffocation, rather than by attacking the neurological system as chemicals do, which makes it almost impossible for the pest to develop a resistance, which again, is happening more and more as the overuse of chemicals in the spraying of our crops continues. We are still investigating these and other modes of action.

Additionally, because of the elimination of pests and stress from agricultural sites, plants tend to grow faster, taller, and healthier. Fruits from farms using Nano Green have reported an increase in per unit size for example. Part of this is due to sodium molecules, which are inherent in Nano Green, which act as conveyors of nutrients directly into the plant cells. To top it off, growers currently using Nano Green are reporting cost savings of over 60% compared with their normal conventional chemical usage.

Does Nano Green have any adverse affects on humans or animals?

None whatsoever. Nano Green has shown absolutely no adverse effect on humans or animals. It has a zero OHSA hazard rating and in informal tests, it has been shown to have no adverse affects whatsoever to nose (inhalation), mouth (ingestion), ears, skin, or eyes. Even if the person is subjected to a concentrated overdose, there has been no noticeable adverse affect. The US Army is currently testing it for battlefield wound and burn treatment. It's also been extremely effective in the treatment of bacterial and other infections in animals.

How stable is Nano Green over time? Does the product degrade over time?

Insofar as we have been able to determine, the micelles remain stable. Because the turnover on the product is so rapid, we have no long term tests that would indicate otherwise. Based on how the product is made, we do not foresee any problems with premature micelle disintegration. Some early samples, dated ten years ago, were recently opened and exposed to air and showed no evidence of any disintegration or degradation.

What current applications does it have? Can you give us an idea of market size for Nano Green?

Nano Green has a very wide applicability to a host of markets worldwide. The following is just a brief overview and does not take into account all its potential applications, as more are being developed daily. (a) Agriculture – crops and trees; (b) Food processing (c) Crop or produce washing (d) Human health applications, such as treatment for wound care, burns, infections, skin conditions (psoriasis, eczema, etc.), head and body lice, bacterial and fungal infections, etc. (e) Industrial (cleaning of items during process of manufacture) (f) Animal care, such as infections, body wash, tick and insect killing, etc. (g) Marine – for aquaculture (h) Jan/San – a huge marketplace for cleaning of govt buildings, homes, prisons, schools, hospitals, restaurants, manufacturing sites, commercial buildings. The US Navy has selected it as “environmental cleaner of choice” from among 300 entrants. (h) Bio-remediation of toxic waste sites (h) Miscellaneous : car washing, engine cleaning (US Marines motor pool), window washing, veggie wash – and almost anything you can think of that requires the removal of hydrocarbons or grease.

Market size is impossible to calculate. Every day, new articles appear in newspapers from Africa, Asia, and South America to Australia, Europe and the Near East heralding government awareness of the effects of chemical overuse. The green movement is steadily gaining power from China to Chile. The numbers run into the hundreds of billions. Using the U.S. as an example, New Federal legislation (the Farm Security Act of 2002), which became effective this February and March, mandates that all government buildings and facilities switch from conventional cleaners to bio-based cleaners, wherever available. I couldn't even begin to calculate what this could mean. Gov. Pataki of New York, has just issued a similar decree. And similar expressions of concern are being expressed almost daily from all corners of the globe. To take advantage of this requires establishing Master Distributorships for each of the areas in which Nano Green has a market. It's a formidable task that requires significant funding. Until now, we have been courted by companies in the larger market areas, such as India, China, Australia, South Africa, Malaysia and the Philippines. There are over one hundred other countries that we have yet to contact. We have many of the contacts; it's a question of raising the required finances.

Where do you see the company going in 1-2 years?

Again, it all depends upon funding. If adequate finances are available, we will set up our own research facility, which will expedite matters greatly. We'll also hire experienced management/sales forces in key countries to explore the global potential for the various applications described above. Thus far, the response has been highly gratifying. To date, we have constructed a web site, which is designed so that each Master Distributor can be the focal point. This permits him to distribute the site to all his customers for purposes of gaining credibility. To date, only the Chinese site is in process of being translated, but we expect all such sites to be in the native language, wherever English is not the acceptable language for communication. In addition, we already have prepared a large number of videos, which have been transferred onto CDs, interviewing experts in the field, illustrating the problems we are addressing and showing how the product is applied. We intend to shoot a video news release, and greatly expand our output of literature. Remember, each country requires all materials to be issued in their language. It's a formidable task. To date, they are all in English, which fortunately is the world's lingua franca. We will back up our marketing efforts by greatly expanding the amount of university testing, both in the US and abroad. We will apply for approvals or certifications from governmental regulatory agencies, wherever needed. And most importantly, we plan to bring on board more scientific experts in the field, who will also assist us in our sales efforts. This is currently underway in India with excellent results. Our ultimate goal is to become the paramount “green” product nationally and internationally.

Any plans to go public?

That is difficult to determine. People have proposed we go public now through a reverse merger. If we can obtain $2 million through this approach, to greatly accelerate our sales, we would seriously consider it. Another approach is to accept a venture capital partner. Either way, I believe that in the not too distant future we will be targeted for acquisition by a major public company. We simply have too large a jump right now to be left to our own devices. It would not take much for us to become a serious threat to a number of chemical companies. With adequate funding, our rate of growth could be extremely rapid, putting us in an enviable bargaining position.

Where can interested parties find your products?

If you go to the web site (www.nanogreensciences.com) , you will be able to see a listing of the company's products. These include, among others, All-Purpose Cleaner, Floor and Rug Cleaner, Glass Cleaner. Automobile Wash, Vegetable Wash, Laundry Soap, Pet Care, H-D Dirt Removal & Pre-Spotting, Cleaner-Degreaser. We also have the head lice treatment, as well as the general agricultural products.

How do you feel about Nanotechnology as a field?

Exciting. Very exciting. Nanotechnology is being heralded by everyone as the greatest leap forward in scientific knowledge in recent memory. It's spoken in terms of promise that far surpasses the influence and effect of computers, the internet, or any other recent Wall Street favorite. As with anything this dramatic and powerful, it will be spearheaded by the large multi-national corporations and billions in government funding. There's an old adage in finance that it's worse to be early than late. Nano Green first appeared a several years back, when nanotechnology was just a whisper. Today, we find we're in the forefront, but it's always difficult for a small, new company to make a strong entry into a field dominated by the huge heavily financed multi-nationals. We believe Nano Green has an excellent chance of breaking this barrier. It will require funding, an increase in personnel and a continued dedication to hard work, but our technology has a quantum jump on the marketplace and its acceptance is growing every day.

For more information on Nano Green, please contact Alvin Bojar (813-854-4457)

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