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Nanophase Receives European Patent


Romeoville, IL, Nanophase Technologies Corporation (Nasdaq: NANX), a technology leader in nanomaterials and nanoengineered products, today announced NanoExpress™ Custom Synthesis for development of new nanocrystalline material samples. Responding to market needs, the Company has developed the capability to offer sample quantities of new nanocrystalline metal oxides, including single and multi-element oxides and rare earth nanomaterials, in approximately six weeks from a customer’s request. Newly-developed nanomaterials can be supplied as nanoparticles, coated nanoparticles, or nanoparticle dispersions in varying quantities up to five kilograms.

“As nanomaterial applications continue to emerge at an increasing rate, we have seen a corresponding rise in specific nanomaterial requests from companies in Nanophase’s target markets, as well as new markets that are beginning to have interest in nanomaterials,” stated Joseph Cross, Nanophase’s president and CEO. “Nanomaterials produced under laboratory conditions rarely, if ever, have the same properties as those produced in a production environment. It is for this reason that Nanophase develops new nanomaterials in production systems. NanoExpress™ is a commercial scale NanoArc™ synthesis manufacturing system that is specifically designed to make smaller lots economically. At this point in time, we are having market, not technical, pull for new nanomaterials from a variety of markets and need the capability to develop new nanomaterials in reasonable, but not large-scale, volumes. NanoExpress™ is designed to accomplish just that. Strategically, NanoExpress™ Custom Synthesis should reduce the time-to-market for new nanomaterials and application testing, which, we believe, should lead to faster revenue growth.”

European Patent

Nanophase also announced the recent issuing of European Patent, “Siloxane Star-Graft Polymers, Ceramic Powders Coated Therewith and Method of Preparing Coated Ceramic Powders.” This patent extends Nanophase’s patent protection for surface treatment of nanoparticles to include the United States, Canada, Australia, and Europe. This surface treatment technology has been commercially scaled and, together with Nanophase’s patented nanoparticle production technologies, comprise a platform of integrated nanotechnologies. The Company noted that it had also grown its US patent portfolio by approximately 150% since 2000.

Dr. Ed Ludwig, Nanophase’s Vice President of Business Development, stated, “The ability to surface treat nanoparticles is an enabling technology we employ to bring value to our customers by engineering solutions to specific market needs. This broad technology enables us to engineer nanomaterials for market segments from personal care to polymer additives to catalysts. By utilizing our advanced surface treatments, typically in conjunction with our abilities to prepare and commercially offer highly stable nanoparticle dispersions in aqueous and organic media, we can offer our customers and partners products that are in a readily useable format, decreasing the development cycle and shortening time to market.”

For additional information, contact Dr. Ed Ludwig, Nanophase's Vice President of Business Development at 630-771-6729, or email, or Ian Roberts, Vice President U.S. and International Sales, at 630-771-6730, or email

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