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Henkel Group Develops Innovative
Cleaning Solvents Using Nanotechnology


GULPH MILLS, Penn., Aug. 23 /PRNewswire/ -- The Henkel Group, a global manufacturer of some of the world's best-know consumer and industrial brands, recently developed an innovative cleaning substance that mimics glass in order to keep reflective surfaces free from dirt and debris. This new cleaning solvent is rooted in nanotechnology and is just one example of the pioneering technologies currently being developed by the Henkel Group -- a global leader in consumer packaged goods and products.

Currently, this breakthrough technology is only available in Europe. The cleaning solvent is composed of microscopic spheres measuring just 9 - 12 x 10-6 mm, generally referred to as nanoparticles. Despite their small size, these spheres have the amazing ability to form a long-lasting film on glass surfaces. They are also hydrophilic, meaning that the water runs off without forming droplets, which leave dirty streaks. This shield also prevents the glass from misting up.

"The particles are chemically very similar to glass, and this is why they adhere extremely well to glass surfaces," said Dr. Michael Dreja, Henkel product developer. Their negative charge gives them magnetic properties to ward off their neighbors and thus to form an even film.

Futuristic technology used for down-to-earth problems

This cleaning technology, available in Europe under the names of Sidolin, Clin, and Instanet Nano Protect, were developed at the Henkel Group research and development facilities in Dusseldorf, Germany. Dr. Michael Dreja and his team worked for six months to research and prepare the particles for this innovative product. In their laboratory, they developed nanoparticules specifically designed to withstand long showers over weeks and months.

As Michael Dreja proclaims, "We at Henkel have been quick to develop the first cleaning products based on the advantages of hydrophilic, or water- attracting, nanoparticles. Who would ever have thought that rain, hailstones and snow can now be enlisted as the householder's 'allies' in window cleaning?"

The nano-based solvent is currently being used on the glass cupola on the Berling Reichstag, the seat of the German government and an important historic landmark. Previously, the cupola was cleaned four times a year by an army of workers who toiled to remove layers of dirt caused by rain, hailstones and snow showers. Workers removed dirt from 408 windows panes and 360 reflective surfaces. Now, the cupola is treated with Henkel's technologically-advanced solvents, which reduce the dirt and soil build-up by as much as 75 percent.

"Henkel - A Brand like a Friend"

Every day, millions of customers and consumers around the world restate their trust in us. And it is a trust that we have worked hard to earn: With innovative brandname products for home care, DIY enthusiasts and craftsmen, for body care and cosmetics, and with superior technologies for the automotive, electronics and metal industries. As much as the products differ from one another, they have one thing in common: Quality from Henkel. Delivering quality has been at the heart of Henkel's daily business for more than 125 years now. Quality from Henkel -- for us it's more than just a promise. It's an obligation. Quality -- to make our customers our friends.

The Henkel Group operates in three strategic business areas -- Home Care, Personal Care, and Adhesives, Sealants and Surface Treatment. In fiscal 2003 the Henkel Group generated sales of 9.4 billion euros and an operating profit (EBIT) of 706 million euros.

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