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NJIT professor discovers new mixing method for microchip-sized labs
Rapid Progress Reported in Emerging Field of Molecular Electronics
MSI Reveals Invention for Detection and Precise Quantification of Molecules
Nanotubes form along atomic steps
Hydrated Electrons Can Take More Than One Guise
Key Step In Nanoassembly Pioneered At NINT
SEMATECH North Advances EUV Technology by Reducing Defects in Mask Blanks
Hydrogen Technologies: Are Advancements Robust Enough to Deliver on Hydrogen's Immense Potential?
NANO commissions unique instrument to analyse 3-D nanostructure
Method May Help Scientists Connect the Quantum Dots
Researchers control chemical reactions one molecule at a time
Advances in understanding of the complexity of living cells: Molecular motors, tubes and adhesives, when a physicist meets a biologist…
Italy told to focus more on research to match fellow EU countries
Software tool finds 'needles' in data 'haystacks'
Los Alamos quantum cryptography team is co-winner of prestigious European research prize
Scientists Find Atomic Clues to Tougher Ceramics
Molecular Chains Line Up to Form Protopolymer
Caltech computer scientists embed computation in a DNA crystal to create microscopic patterns
Solaris Nanoscience Publishes New Regime of Nanoparticle Response
Swinging Atoms- ultrashort flash of x-rays images atomic motions
Ultrafast Laser Speeds Up Quest for Atomic Control
U-M researchers admire nature’s nano-motors, want some of their own
Superconductivity - Electrons in Single File Provide New Insights
Chemist Breaks 50-Year-Old Barrier to Better Electron Representation
ANSI-NSP Releases Priority Recommendations Related to Nanotechnology Standardization Needs
UO's molecular 'claws' trap arsenic atoms
Multipurpose Nanocables Invented 
Groundbreaking Nanotechnology Research at The University of Scranton Published in `Science'
Nanocrystals Show a Quick Route to Change 
Gold nano anchors put nanowires in their place
The dance of crystal structures
UC Santa Barbara researchers discover living nanoscale 'necklace'
New NSF center to study fundamentals of nanostructures, build and test nanodevices
Nature-of-Water Question Makes Another Splash
UCLA chemists report new nano flash welding
Research on “Holes” May Unearth Causes of Superconductivity
One Light Beam Switches Another for Photonic Circuits
Snapshot Yields Inside Look at Molecular Movement
Can quantum entanglement give objects their mass?
Researchers guide light through liquids and gases on a chip
Hydrogel can be made to exacting specifications, producing biocompatible sealant
UF scientists have bionanotechnology recipe to find elusive bacteria
PolyFuel Announces Breakthrough Technology Advance for Automotive Fuel Cells
New Stanford center probes nanoscale material
Sandia creates motion detector 1,000 times more sensitive than any known
A mysterious change in the wave properties of electrons
Council discusses initiatives to strengthen European research and nanotechnology
UK company way ahead of the market in creating green hydrogen
Rice finds 'on-off switch' for buckyball toxicity
Spun from bone
NSF Announces Six New Centers for Nanoscale Research
Groundbreaking research could ignite new solutions to heat transfer in nano-devices
Tiny Bacteria Give Boost to Marine Life
ORNL microscope pushes back barrier of 'how small'
CORDIS publishes new 'NMP' project profiles
CMU Revamps Growth of Carbon Nanotubes 
Using a carbon nanotube, Cornell researchers make an oscillator so small it might weigh a single atom
Breaking Barriers, NC State Engineers Patent Methods for Creating Self-Assembling, 3-D Nanostructures 
A simpler design for x-ray detectors
Laboratory grows world record length carbon nanotube
Fujitsu, University of Tokyo Develop World's First 10Gbps Quantum Dot Laser
IBM Scientists Demonstrate Single-Atom Magnetic Measurements
Laboratory advances the art and science of aerogels
Making the most out of ‘extreme science’
Self-assembling designer molecules that mimic nature could lead to nano-device advances
Spire to Develop Biocompatible Scaffolds for Neural Electrodes
Researchers spin carbon nanotubes into usable fibers
Rice refining production of pure nanotube fibers
A Guiding Light on the Nanoscale
Self-assembly generates more versatile scaffolds for crystal growth
Molecular motor myosin VI moves 'hand over hand,' researchers say
Lighting the way to better nanoscale films
Tiny Writing: Researchers Develop Improved Method to Produce Nanometer-scale Patterns
Caltech Team Funded by Arrowhead Announces New Method for Coating Single-Walled Carbon Nanotubes
UI Researchers Miniaturize Mechanics,Materials in Nanodevices
Molecular assemblies created to convert water to hydrogen gas
Technology From Altair Nanotechnologies, Hosokawa Micron and Rutgers University Targets $1.5 Billion Battery Materials Market
Quantum Dots to be Explored for Use as Fluorescent Standards
Expert says nanotechnology should look to Mother Nature
Nanoscale chemical sensors
The ability to create nothing could result in novel way to make circuits at atomic scale, Cornell-led group discovers
193 nm Immersion Litho Continues to Pass Industry Scrutiny, Symposium Finds

looking for the Top 100 Nano Research
news items from 2004 click

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