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Italy told to focus more on research
to match fellow EU countries


Italian research must urgently be brought into line with that of other European countries, urges a recent report published by Censis, the Italian Centre for Social Studies and Policies.

In its annual report on Italy's social situation, Censis compares the situation in Italy in various sectors with that in other EU countries.

'The delay accumulated at national level is considerable,' states Censis. 'We need to act promptly and adopt political measures to install more productive resources at the disposal of research and innovation.'

In Italy, Censis points out, there are 2.82 researchers per 1,000 workers, compared to a European average of 5.7. If one compares those numbers with Japan (9.4 researchers for 1000 workers) or Finland (13.8), the situation is even more dramatic, laments Censis.

In terms of the number of Italian patents registered at the European Patent Office (EPO), the average for Italy is 64.6 for one million inhabitants, compared to a European average of 103.6.

Furthermore, adds Censis, Italy spends 1.07 per cent of its GDP on research and development (R&D), 0.91 per cent less than the European average. When it comes to private funding for research, Italian industry spends 0.57 per cent of its total added value, compared to 4.78 per cent in Sweden, 2.55 per cent in the US and 1.61 per cent in the EU.

Censis concludes by suggesting a focus on nanotechnology, one sector where Italy is doing well. Indeed, according to the first census on nanotechnologies in Italy, published by Nanotech.It and AIRI (Italian Association for Industrial Research), there are 93 public organisations and at least 23 private companies working in this sector. Furthermore, during the period 2000 to 2003, the number of researchers working in this field was higher than 1,300, 245 patents were delivered and 2,400 publications were published.

To read the full report by Censis (in Italian), please visit:

For further information on research in Italy, please visit:

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