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Acrongenomics Inc.


Acrongenomics, Inc. (OTCBB: AGNM) is a research & development nanobiotechnology company pioneering the development of uniquely advanced nanomolecular diagnostics for the Life Sciences Industry. The Company seeks to establish its proprietary nanotechnology platform as a standard in Molecular In Vitro Diagnostics.

Acrongenomics Inc. is dedicated to transforming scientific concepts into reality, as it has successfully applied Nanotechnology inspirations into next-generation Biotechnology applications.



Address Details:

General Contact: Tom Skarpelos

Executive Office Address:
38A Posidonos Avenue
17455 Alimos
Athens , Greece

Phone: 302109859203

Fax: 302109851910

Administrative Office Address: 1530 9th Avenue SE
Calgary , Alberta , Canada
T2G 0T7

Toll Free: 1-800-689 8181

Website: www.acrongen.com

Email: info@acrongen.com



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