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author of The Hitchhiker's Guide To The Galaxy

Anything invented before your 15th birthday is part of the order of nature.

Anything invented between your 15th and 35th birthdays is new and exciting.

Anything invented between your 35th and 50th birthdays is complicated but you'll have to get to grips with it.

Anything invented after your 50th birthday is a silly gimmick.

Anything invented after your 60th birthday should be prohibited.


Lachlan Cranswick

Quote Lachlan Cranswick's NanoShite page

NanoTech Buzzwords....'nano-tsunami'
" I think this is what happens when you pile nano-shite so high that it flows..."


Vicki Colvin

Director of the Centre for Biological and Environmental
Nanotechnology ( CBEN) Rice University


“ In a field with more than 12,000 citations a year, we were stunned to discover no prior research in developing nanomaterials risk assessment models and no toxicology studies devoted to synthetic nanomaterials “ ( 2003 )


Philip Ball

Consultant editor of Nature

“2003 was the year when nanotechnology collided with the real world. It was a painful collision, bringing prophecies of doom, fears of hidden dangers and call for a moratorium on nanoscience “

drs.Ineke Malsch

Co Author
Om het kline te waarderen… Rathenau Instituut,
Holland.( 2004 )

“Er is kritiek geweest op het feit dat het midden– en kleinbedrijf tot dusver maar beperkt betrokken is geweest bij de ontwikkeling van het nanotechnologieonderzoek "

Newt Gingrich

USA 2002

“If we want to stay at the forefront economically and remain a world leader politically and militarily, I think we have we have an obligation to really look seriously at funding more nanoscience research “

Carlo Montemagno

UCLA Institute for Cell Mimetic Space Exploration.

“I'm not a science guy. I'm an engineer. I look at trying to achieve a device functionality that meets a societal need. So, I focus always on the end game, where it's going to go or how we will use it. I don't do inquiry-driven science unless I come to an intellectual roadblock that requires me to make an advance in that area. So, I'm an engineer, and being an engineer is fundamentally different than being a physicist or biologist.”

Quote courtesy of Howard Lovy


Ralph C. Merkle

Distinguished Professor of Computing
Georgia Tech College of Computing
Director, GTISC (Georgia Tech Information Security Center)
Vice President, Technology Assessment, Foresight Institute

"I think one of the fundamental things which is not understood at this point is that artificial replicating systems, manufacturing systems, are going to bear about as much resemblance to the biological variety as, say, a 747 bears to a duck,"

Quote courtesy of Howard Lovy



Albert Einstein

"Great spirits have always encountered violent opposition
from mediocre minds."


Christopher Morley


"Life is a foreign language; all men mispronounce it"



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Philip Ball
Ineke Malsch
Carlo Montemagno
Ralph C. Merkle
Newt Gingrich
Vicki Colvin  
Lachlan Cranswick